Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best Stocks For Easy Profits - January 13, 2010

Let me start by simply saying that I am not a stock picker. The Canadian Stock Alerts I share are just stocks that adhere to my simple strategy and not to be confused as buying or selling recommendations.

The Best Stocks For Easy Profits is a simple and easy to use 3 point system that has proven itself to work when markets are up or down. Every system has it's focal point where things are clearly defined. The key to my system is summed up in just one word, and that word is ... volume!

Best Stocks For Easy Profits are in stocks with volume. I mean serious volume, meaning 5 times and more the normal daily trading volume. What kinds of stocks? Any stock, any stock at all with unusual high volume will qualify.

The Best Stocks For Easy Profits delivers results because when I identify these stocks with volume, that simply means they are "in play" .. why are they in play? Because the volume tells me they are! Large volume means we have plenty of buyers and sellers, and we need both!

Best Stocks For Easy Profits are the ones with unusual high volume right out of the gate at the opening bell. They are the easiest ones to spot, climbing volume and share prices spiking upward. Remember, no chasing these stocks, we are trained to wait for the stock to pullback. So then ...

Rule # 1 is always follow the Volume, then
Rule # 2 is wait, and buy the pullback. And trust me, all stocks pullback!

This assures us of two things. Volume allows you to get in and out of these stocks easily. The Pullback guarantees you don't chase a stock and potentially buy at the high. An absolute no no!! Two huge safety features, unusual volume and pullbacks.

The Best Stocks For Easy Profits works with Canadian Stock Alerts. You can join my Canadian Stock Alerts newsletter, and see real examples of how these stocks are traded, when to buy, when to sell, strategies that work etc.

Just check my Performance Review & you'll see how this strategy is really working.

It's your personal 31+ page PDF blueprint that documents the HOW TO make this strategy work for you, plus regular emails to back up the strategy. I detail how it works, not specific stocks to buy, you can do that yourself when you understand the system, but I do give you examples.

This much I know for sure .. "you don't need a lot of information, you need the right information".

You can purchase this strategy for $147.00 .
BUT WAIT !!! Let me knock $100.00 off that price right now, why? Because I want your testimonial, and I'm willing to pay for it! That translates to you paying only $47.00 a very fair deal in my opinion. And it still comes with a 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, I will refund your money in full, after 60 days, no questions asked.

Now of course I can't leave this offer open for too long. Read over some of the success stories below and also join the free newsletter, then decide.

And to be clear, this is not a stock picking service, it's designed to teach you to do exactly what I do ... and do so on your own. It's a strategy you can use any time you want, versus waiting for stock picks from someone else.

I will also stay in touch by email to keep you up to date on this strategy and the stocks that demonstrate how profitable it can be.

Let me leave you with a Margaret Bonnan quote, she said "Being rich is having money, being wealthy is having time". That's a nice reality check isn't it.

Here are a few quick examples of the emails I share. When you look at these examples I am sure you'll agree how inexpensive this system really is, considering the guarantee I am offering, and the potential profits to be made.

>>> Timminco Limited - October 2009

>>> Mexivada Resources - September 2009

>>> Aura Silver - August 2009

>>> Evolving Gold - July 2009

I invite you to check my Performance Review stats listed here. And finally, please don't consider buying my strategy until you are absolutely committed and ready to try a new approach to day trading.

Best Stocks For Easy Profits - Special Offer